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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the jewellery made of?

All the earrings and pendants are made from porcelain. The porcelain is glazed with a variety of minerals which, when heated to high temperatures in a kiln, produce stunning blends of colour.


How is the jewellery made?

Making_Jewellery.JPGThe first stage is to shape the porcelain.  It is then dried out and given its first firing in the kiln at around 1000°C.  I then glaze them and depending on the glaze used they will be fired one, two or three more times to anything between 1060°C - 1240°C.  Each firing takes approximately 8 hours and another 10 hours for the kiln to cool down. If it's a glaze firing then I have to resist peeking into the kiln before it is properly cooled as rapid cooling can spoil the glaze.  This can be a challenge as a kiln full of glazed jewellery is truly a wonderful sight!


What length chain should I buy?

Our most popular chain length is 18" but we do also supply 16" chains and 20" chains.   Smaller women who have slender necks or those who prefer to wear pendants higher may like the 16" chain.  Larger women or those who prefer to wear pendants a bit lower may prefer the 20" chain.

What type of chain should I buy?

We  supply both Sterling Silver (ss) Snake Chains and Sterling Silver Plated (ssp) Snake Chains.  Both types are very attractive chains and we receive lots of positive comments about them.  The Sterling Silver Snake Chains are slightly finer (approx. 0.9mm wide) than the Sterling Silver Plated Snake Chains (approx. 1mm).   We have worn and worn our jewellery on both types of chains and they are both hard-wearing.

Shipping: How soon will I get it?

Many orders are dispatched the next business day. If we do not have a piece in stock, we will let you know by email when we expect to be able to send it to you. For UK deliveries, you can choose between 2nd class and 1st class post, or, if you want to be sure to receive the jewellery as quickly as possible, we can send items by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Overseas items are sent by Royal Mail Airmail. As with all companies we do not have control over the mail service and cannot guarantee it will arrive when it should but we do aim to have a fast turn around on your order as we know it is important to receive items quickly.

How do I pay? And is it secure?

The checkout process on this web site redirects you to Paypal for your online payment.  Paypal is a well-established and trusted payment provider.  Paypal will process your payment and credit the money to us.  We do not store or even see your credit card details.


Do I need to setup a PayPal account?

No. You do not need a Paypal account to pay with Paypal.  When the checkout process takes you to the PayPal site, just click the link under "Don't have a PayPal account?".  You will then be prompted for your card details.


How does the jewellery come - is it in a box?


All items come in an attractive black leatherette gift box with a satin liner and a black velvet inlay.  Boxes come in different sizes appropriate for the piece of jewellery. The box both helps protect the piece during postage and presents the jewellery beautifully.

Every box also contains a card showing the name of the collection and how to care for the jewellery.


How do I care for the jewellery?

The ceramic pieces do not need any special care.They can be cleaned simply with soapy water.  However, I have pieces I've been wearing for several years and not had to clean them yet! The earring fittings and chains can be cleaned by dipping in a silver cleaning solution or with a silver cleaning cloth.

I like your vision and would like to do something to help fight human trafficking

You can support our vision by buying our jewellery and telling others about our website.

You may also like to take a look at and consider supporting them yourself, and who represent many organisations who share our desire to do something.  You could search the web with terms like human trafficking or sexual exploitation and start reading more about it.  This should also give you links to organisations working in these areas that you may choose to support.