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Our vision is to make something precious and to do something precious:

  • To make something precious, by creating jewellery that is unique, colourful and elegant, and
  • To do something precious, by supporting organisations which help exploited women and children.

Let me explain more...

The business grew out of a love of pottery, a love of jewellery and a desire to do something about the injustice of women and young girls caught up within the sex industry and human trafficking.  I, Amanda, have been involved in pottery for several years and realised that the glazes I used would give a very unusual, bright and unique look to handmade jewellery so I began making a few pieces of ceramic jewellery for myself.  I had so many requests from friends and colleagues for similar pieces that I decided to start a business.  I also realised that I could use these beautiful and precious pieces of jewellery to do something beautiful and precious in the lives of vulnerable women and children.  Something Precious has many meanings.

Currently we give £1 from each item sold to Stop the Traffik An organisation committed to fighting human trafficking through education, advocacy work and fundraising.

Human trafficking is the second largest source of income for organised crime, exceeded only by drugs trafficking (belser 2005). See for statistics and more information.